Angular Interview Questions Part 3

  1. What are the new features released in Angular14
  2. Different types of Binding
  3. What is the purpose of router-outlet
  4. Is it possible to use more than router-outlet
  5. Can you explain how to use HttpClient
  6. How do you read the response
  7. How do you handle the error in functions - Try catch
  8. What is an Observables
  9. What is EventEmitter
  10. 100user list response, each user object has username,age, roles etc wants to group them with the Roles how do you write a code in typescript
  11. How do you define parent routes
  12. Can you explain the life cycle hooks
  13. What are pipes and different types of pipe
  14. If we have more number of data in response of Api how do you load this data in datatable
  15. How do you create dialog box
  16. How you integrate the charts in your project (d3 and amcharts)
  17. What is shared modules
  18. How did you convert string data types to float/integer
  19. Did you use Enum in angular
  20. Different types of FOR loop (traditional for loop, for-in and for-of)
  21. css, scss and sass
  22. How do you upgrade from one version other in angular
  23. How do you update the angular cli
  24. How do you null and undefined in HTML
  25. How do you make conditional operators in HTML
  26. Typescript language is converted to which language
  27. How do you make build and deployed
  28. What is package.json and package-lock.json
  29. How do you maintain your code
  30. What is the difference between put and post
  31. Different Types of Pipes 
  32. How to use Multiple Router outlet
  33. What are Pure Pipes? 
  34. What are Impure Pipes?
  35. What is view encapsulation in Angular?
  36. What is the difference between AOT and JIT? 
  37. What is Eager and Lazy loading? 
  38. How Are Animations Done in Angular?