NodeJs Frameworks

NodeJs Frameworks

What is a Framework?

A Frameworks –helps you structure your appllication.

Top 7 Most Useful NodeJs Framweorks:


1.Express js :

¨Express.js is one of the most essential Web Frameworks for Node.js

¨It is a minimalist framework for building a host of web and mobile applications as well as Application Programming Interfaces(APIs)

¨Express.js is offers various features,like:-Multiple Routing,Database Integration,Template Engines etc.


MEAN.js is a full-fledged Javascript framework to build web application using NoSQL database,MongoDB as well as Angular.js for the Front-End and Express.js/Node.js for the Backend(Server).

It also have support of the Grunt tool to enable automated testing. is a server framework for building real-time web applications.

It allows event-driven,bidirectional communication between web clients and server. works as a client-side library running in the browser and as a server-side library for node.js

The framework allows real-time concurrency for document collaboration and data-exchnage. ¨It also includes key features like asynchronous input/output


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