Angular Interview Questions Collection 2

1. What is Angular Universal?

Angular Universal is a technology that allows you to render Angular applications on the server.

By default, the Angular application executes and renders pages in the browser based on user interactions.

Universal improves SEO (search engine optimization) and initial load performance of the angular application.

2. What is IVY in Angular?

Ivy is Angular's next-generation rendering and compilation pipeline

3. What is the entry point in an Angular Application?

4. What is the difference between a constructor and ngOnInit? which one is called first? 

5. What is a service Worker & its role? 

6. How to prevent unauthorized access in an Angular application?

7. How do you pass headers to Httpclient? 

8. What is a safe Navigation operator? 

9. What is Content Projection in Angular? 

10.What are ng-container & ng-template? Explain their uses. 

11. Difference between @Component and @Directive