Aws Interview Questions Collection 1

1. You ONLY want to manage Applications and Data. Which type of Cloud Computing model should you use?

Answer: Platform as a Service model, here you only manage the data and the applications.

2. What is the pricing model of Cloud Computing?

Answer: Pay-as-you-go pricing

3. Which Global Infrastructure identity is composed of one or more discrete data centers with redundant power, networking, and connectivity, and are used to deploy infrastructure?

Answer: Availability Zones

4. What are the 3 pricing fundamentals of the AWS Cloud?

Answer: Compute, Storage, and Data transfer out of the AWS Cloud

5. Which of the following services has a global scope?

Answer: IAM

6. What defines the distribution of responsibilities for security in the AWS Cloud?

Answer: The Shared Responsibility Model defines who is responsible for what in the AWS Cloud.

7. A company would like to benefit from the advantages of the Public Cloud but would like to keep sensitive assets in its own infrastructure. Which deployment model should the company use?