Front End Developer Interview Questions

  1. Differentiate between div and span?
  2. Tell me when and why should I make use of Webpack?
  3. Mention three ways to decrease page load time?
  4. Why did we utilize the data- the attribute in HTML and why it is now advised not to use
  5. What is stringify?
  6. State all the elements of the CSS Box Model
  7. What is Progressive Rendering?
  8. In an image tag, what is the benefit of the srcset attribute?
  9. Mention the difference between MySQL and MongoDB?
  10. Define the Anonymous function in JS
  11. What do you know about the CSS image sprites and why it is utilized?
  12. Suggest some ways on how to fix the browser-specific styling issue?
  13. Mention the pitfalls for using a CSS Preprocessor like Sass?
  14. Suggest how can we optimize our front-end page
  15. What is the difference between attribute and property?
  16. What is the most challenging work you have ever done as a front-end developer?