Array Destructuring in Javascript

Array Destructuring in Javascript

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about array destructuring in javascript.

So, let's get started...

What is Destructuring?

Destructuring is an ES6 feature and it's basically a way of unpacking values from an array or object into separate variables.

In other words, Destructuring is a way to break a complex data structure down into a smaller data structure like a variable.

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For example, before destructuring assignment happes something like below:

//Without Destrcting assign
const arr = [1,2,3]

const a = arr[0];
const b = arr[1];
const c = arr[2];
//Output : 1,2,3

Now look below, same thing we can do with destructuring:

////With Destrcting assign
const arr = [1,2,3]

const [x,y,z]= arr;
//Output : 1,2,3

 Access Elements using Desctring

Example :1:

const categories: ['angular', 'node', 'java', 'c'];
const [first,second] = categories;
//output : angular,node


const categories: ['angular', 'node', 'java', 'c'];

const[one, , three] = categories;
//output : angular,java

Swapping Values using destructuring:

const categories: ['angular', 'node', 'java', 'c'];

const [first,second] = categories;

[first, second] = [second,first];


//output : node,angular

Nested destructuring:

const nested = [2,4,[5,6]];
//const[i, , j] = nested;
// console.log(i,j);
//output : 2 , [5,6]

const [i, , [j,k]] = nested;
//output : 2 ,5,6

Default Values in destructuring:

// Deafault values
const [p=1,q=1,r=1]  =  [8,9];
//output : 8,9,1


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