CSS Grid: An Ultimate Guide

CSS Grid: An Ultimate Guide

In this article, we will learn about css grid and its uses in today's web development.

What is CSS GRID?

CSS Grid is a fundamentally new approach to building layouts using CSS.

CSS Grid is a set of CSS properties for building 2-dimensional layouts

The main idea behind CSS Grid is that we divide a container element into

rows and columns that can be filled with its child elements

In two-dimensional contexts, CSS Grid allows us to write less nested HTML

and easier-to-read CSS

CSS Grid is not meant to replace flexbox! Instead, they work perfectly

together. Need a 1D layout? Use flexbox. Need a 2D layout? Use CSS Grid.

Grid Container:


Defines the element as a grid container and establishes a new grid formatting context for its contents.

.container {
  display: grid;

grid-template-columns and grid-template-rows:

To establish the grid row and column tracks. One length unit for each track. Any unit can be used, new fr fills unused space

row-gap,column-gap and gap

To create empty space between tracks

.container {
   gap: 20px;


To align items inside rows / columns (horizontally)

.container {
  justify-items: start | end | center | stretch;


To align items inside rows / columns (vertically)

.container {
  align-items: start | end | center | stretch;

justify-content and align-content:

To align entire grid inside grid container. Only applies if

container is larger than the grid

.container {
  justify-content: start | end | center | stretch | space-around | space-between | space-evenly;    

Grid Items(Children):

grid-column and grid-row

To place a grid item into a specific cell, based on line numbers. span keyword can be used to span an item across more cells

.item {
  grid-column: <start-line> / <end-line> | <start-line> / span <value>;
  grid-row: <start-line> / <end-line> | <start-line> / span <value>;

justify-self and align-self:

To overwrite justify-items / align-items for single items

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