Data structures and algorithms with JavaScript : Getting Started

Data structures and algorithms with JavaScript : Getting Started

In this article, we will learn the basics about what is data structure and algorithms.

Data structures and algorithms with JavaScrip

What is Data Structure?

A Data Structure is a particular way of organizing data so that it can be used and modified efficiently.

The Data structure is a fundamental concept of any programming language, essential for algorithmic design.

What is an algorithm?

An Algorithm is a set of instructions for solving a logical problem.

The algorithm is steps or processes to arrange data.

For example,


So,basically, the algorithm is just logic, independent of language or machine.

Linear data structure:

If the elements of a data structure result in a sequence or a linear list then it is called a linear data structure.

Examples: Array, Linked list, Stacks, Queues, etc.

Non-Linear data structure:

If the elements of data structures don't form a sequence but instead connects to two or more item then it's called a non-linear data structure.

Example: Trees, Graphs, etc..

Data Structure Operations:

The common operations that can be performed on the data structure are as follows:

 âœ… Searching

 âœ… Sorting

 âœ… Insertion

 âœ… Deletion

 âœ… Updation

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