From event in RXJS

From event in RXJS

In this tutorial, we will learn about from event of RXJS.

Turn the event into an observable sequence

This operator will give output as an observable that is to be used on elements that emit events for example buttons, clicks, etc.


target âˆ’ The target is the dom element

eventName âˆ’ eventName you want to capture for example click, mouseover, etc.

Return value

It returns an observable.


fromEvent(target: eventtarget, eventName: string): Observable


<button #addBtn class="btn btn-primary">Add</button>

@ViewChild("addBtn", { static: false }) addBtn: ElementRef;

let count = 1;
fromEvent(this.addBtn.nativeElement, "click").subscribe((response) => {
  let countVal = count++;     


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