Getting started with Gulp.js

Getting started with Gulp.js

In this tutorial, you'll learn about Gulp javaScript toolkit & task runner.

so, let's get started...

What is Gulp?

Gulp is an Open source JavaScript toolkit & task runner built on Node.js and NPM.

The concept of GULP to reduce time-consuming & repetitive tasks with just simple code.

To perform such repetitive tasks it also has Hundreds of plugins available for different tasks on NPM.

How Gulp works?

Gulp is built on node streams and node streams is a continuous flow of data that can be manipulated asynchronously

.pipe() operator is basically a chain of processing elements, so the output of one element is Input of next element

So we can set single Purpose plugins to run task after task with using pipe() operator

For example, one plugin can be used for Minify Javascript then the next pipe will uses for compile Saas file to css so on…

Common Task Can Perform with Gulp.js

  • Minification of scripts and styles
  • Concatenation
  • Cache busting
  • Testing, linting & optimization
  • Dev Server

Gulp Installation

Npm install –g gulp

Then In CMD type ‘npm init’ it will generate a simple package.json

Then install gulp as dev Depedenci ‘npm install --save-dev gulp’

Create an ‘src’ folder

Create gulpfile.js


Thanks for reading.

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