Introduction to JavaScript for…of Loop in ES6

Introduction to JavaScript for…of Loop in ES6

In this tutorial, we will learn about for of loop in javascript.

So let's get started...

What is the For...of Loop?

For...of loop was introduced in ES6 which iterates over iterable such as Arrays, strings, Maps, Sets, and more. 

Looping through Array:

const menuArr = [,];

for(const item of menuArr) console.log(item);
//Getting Index with array element
for(const item of menuArr.entries()) {
  console.log(`${item[0] + 1}:${item[1]}`)
//Using destrcreing
for(const [i,el] of menuArr.entries()) {
  console.log(`${i + 1}:${el}`)
/* 1:Focaccia
3:Garlic Bread
4:Caprese Salad
7:Risotto */


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