What is MonoRepo?

What is MonoRepo?

In this Article, we will lean about what is Monorepo and what's the benefits of using it.

What is MonoRepo?

Monorepos is a source control pattern, in which essentially all of the codebases live in the same repository.

All projects will always use the latest version of the code.

That's one of the reasons why Nx comes in handy when working with libraries.

In easy word, Monorepo is that it is a single repository that consists of multiple applications and libraries

Benefits of Using Monorepo: 

This approach has several benefits including:

1) Shared code : 

it enables us to share code across the whole company or organization.

This can result in code that is more DRY as we can reuse the common patterns, components, and types.

This enables to share of the logic between the frontend and the backend as well.

2) Atomic changes : 

Without the monorepo approach, whenever we need to make a change that will affect multiple projects, we might need to coordinate those changes across multiple repositories, and possibly by multiple teams.

For example, an API change might need to be reflected both on a server app and a client app.

With monorepo, all of those changes can be applied in one commit on one repository, which greatly limits the coordination efforts necessary

3) Developer mobility :

with a monorepo approach we get one consistent way of performing similar tasks even when using multiple technologies.

The developers can now contribute to other teams' projects, and make sure that their changes are safe across the whole organization.

4) Single set of dependencies :

By using a single repository with one set of dependencies, we make sure that our whole codebase depends on one single version of the given dependency.

This way, there are no version conflicts between libraries.

It is also less likely that the less used part of the repository will be left with an obsolete dependency because it will be updated along the way when other parts of the repository do this update.

5) Ease of maintenance :

 when you update a shared library, you update it for all apps, so the Same library version for every app means No conflicts between versions.

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