How to use multiple node version

How to use multiple node version

In this tutorial, we will learn about how to use multiple node versions in the same machine.

So, let's get started...

How to use multiple node version Windows?

Step 1: Install nvm

Install nvm on windows to manage more than one version of the node.

Go to

then Download the nvm-setup. zip and Open the zip & execute the installer and follow the instruction,

If you have Node already installed, then you'll see a notification asking you if you want NVM to control the installed version: click "yes" then Click finish -

Step 2: Check the installed version

Go to the console and execute  nvm ls which will  lists all installed versions

Step 3: Install the latest version

 nvm install latest //install the latest version of nodejs

then  nvm ls should list now the newly installed version 

Step 4:Select version to use

nvm use 14.16.0

with this command, machine will  start using version 14.16.0

To install other versions use nvm install --version command and then you can switch to that version using  nvm use --version command

That's it, this way you can use multiple node versions in one machine.

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