DebounceTime & DistinctUntilChanged Operator

DebounceTime & DistinctUntilChanged Operator

In this tutorial, we will learn about the DebounceTime & DistinctUntilChanged operator of RXJS.

The main purpose of distinct operators is to prevent subscribers on the next handler to run if the observable emits the same value again. 

Most used in Search for making request after some time once full text entered to avoid multiple API call and improve performance

DebounceTime Operator: 

DebounceTIme make the request after some specified time to avoid multiple API calls


            class="form-control form-control-lg"

@ViewChild("myInput", { static: false }) myInput: ElementRef;

const searchTerm = fromEvent<any>(this.myInput.nativeElement, "keyup").pipe(
      map((event) =>,
    searchTerm.subscribe((res) => {

The above example will show output after one second of typing.


DistinctUntillCHanged avoide request for same request type for ex if we pass ‘angular’ in req multiple time it will make only one request

distinct until changed operator emits all items that are distinct by comparison (===) from only one previous item

const searchTerm = fromEvent<any>(
      map((event) =>,
    searchTerm.subscribe((res) => {
      this.reqData2 = res;

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