Top 10+ Heroku Alternatives for free

Top 10+ Heroku Alternatives for free

Heroku recently announced that after November 28, 2022, it would stop offering free versions of Heroku Dynos, Heroku Postgres, and Heroku Data for Redis.

So, after doing some research on a few free options, we have created a list, which you can use for free hosting.

There are a good amount of free options on this list.

Top 10+ Heroku Alternatives for free

1. Netlify

Best for Hosting serverless apps

If you use a serverless backend, you can give this one a go because you can create APIs with it.

2. Cloudflare

Best for Static Site.

3. Cyclic

By using Cyclit you can Deploy full stack Node JS apps in seconds.

If you are MERN Stack developer then this is best for you.

It provides many things such as

  • For Frontend:- React, Next, Vue, Svelte.
  • For Backend:- Express, Node JS.
  • DataBase.
  • Even Bots:- Slack Bot.

5. Firebase 

Firebase Fast and secure web hosting.

Firebase Hosting provides fast and secure hosting for your web app, static and dynamic content, and microservices.

6. Railway

It also provides many languages supports such as Node Js, Django, Laravel, Kotlin spring, ruby, and more...

According to me, you must try this. This is perfect for us as it will provide a predefined template for all languages.

7. Render

The fastest way to host all your web apps. (I haven't used it yet, but I've heard excellent things about it) would be my personal pick for migrating a node.js project to a free hosting platform.


Deploy it to Fly's platform, and the rest will be handled by Fly to keep your app operating normally.


These are the resources I have found and shared with you so that you can utilize them free of charge and launch your website.

Please contribute any items that I missed from my list in the comment section as well.

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