what is HTML Entities?

what is HTML Entities?

In this article, we will see what is HTML entities and how we can use them in our daily programming.

What are HTML Entities?

HTML Entities are symbols and characters that are not available on your keyboard. They can be inserted into a document by typing in the name of the character, followed by a semicolon (;).

The Entities are like IDs or a unique name of every character.

There are three sets of HTML Entities:

- Symbols: Greek letters, mathematical symbols, etc.

- Mathematical Symbols: Symbols for math operators such as "=" and "≠".

- International Characters: These entities allow you to type in non-English characters. For example, typing in “é” will give you “é”.

As we know,our keyboards has limited buttons and it is not possible to add every symbol and emojis in the keyboard button.

But What if you have to use some unique symbols or emojis which are not present in your keyboard,and here the HTML entites comes into play.

Entties of some important Symbols:

add tables with some 

References of Entities

Symbole Entties

Emoji Eniites

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