What is Serverless? A beginners Guide

What is Serverless? A beginners Guide

In this article, we will learn what exactly serverless means and what benefits it can provide to us.

What is Serverless?

In a serverless, you have to only pay for what you are using.

Serverless doesn't mean, there is no server. It means you don't have to manage servers for running your code/application/workload.

So, the question arrives, then who does manage it? Does it save cost? Does it Scale in real time?

The answer is, On Behalf Cloud Provider Manages the infrastructure- server availability, instance configuration(e.g.memoery/CPU), and Scales the instances as per requirement

The machines that are being used to run your application or project are hidden from you, which means they are not available to you to configure

For example, Firestore is a serverless database where you just store data without worrying about its backend architecture


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